Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doing it all - Mi marido lo hace todo

I've won the lottery.

He spends the day doing laundry
several loads of his son’s jeans and t-shirts
and his own work clothes
littering the laundry room floor
in between loads he opens up the pool
filling it with more water
checking the chemicals
skimming out fallen leaves
he also manages to pack a suitcase for himself and the boy
for a trip they’ve planned down south
selecting just enough pairs of underwear and shorts to get them through
he’ll do a load of wash down there if he has to
(he’s bought an extra bottle of detergent)
humming U2 and Johnny Cash as he walks
up and down the stairs
inside and outside
inside again to make a pot of coffee
washing, drying, folding
he fills baskets with fresh clothes
showers and makes love to his wife
then prepares a man’s dinner
of grilled burgers, sausage, macaroni and cheese
green beans and stewed tomatoes
(an attempt to get the boy to eat vegetables)
She cleans up, does the dishes
while he inspects the fridge for things he’ll need to pick up
at the grocery store
where he’ll go at night
after the boy goes to bed
after his woman writes him a list.

While he's away, she'll think about how damn lucky she is.


Brenda said...

I like this ... but it makes me wonder how it was different in his father's life! More men are helping out more about the house these days (my own spouse included), even though that may not have been the example they grew up with!

La Jibara said...

Te sacaste la loteria si!

My husband also helps a lot. He does most of the cooking. He helps a lot with the children. Does his own laundry and ironing. That is ok and more than enough for me, since I grew up thinking I was going to end up doing EVERYTHING in the household...

I am fortunate.

Sunset said...

Very nice poem.
My boyfriend is more or less like this. As I don't have the time to do house work he is the one that does everything. This week he is away on work and I realized he realy does a lot.
I can say I'm a lucky women.