Monday, June 23, 2008

Go forward, young super heroes

Tomorrow is the last day of school. It's a half-day and I'm ordering pizza so I'll know you've eaten. We'll have our own awards ceremony and I'll let you raid the supply closet for "stuff" you'll need to keep you busy this summer. I'll invite you to take a book to keep, and then I'll let you in on my secret, special power (a seed I planted back on the 1st day of school.)

I have a satiny black and red cape I made several years ago. I lined the inside with pictures of book covers. You see, I'm BOOK WOMAN. When I see a child who is lost, lonely, or bored, I throw him a book. Our last activity as a class will be to create super-heroes. Who are you? And what are your special powers? I'll tell you, my class, that sometimes, we can just imagine...

In your report cards, I'm including a letter. It goes like this:

Mi querido alumno,

Es el ultimo día de clases, y yá nó nos veremos. Pero quiero que lleves contigo todos los bonitos recuerdos de nuestra clase, de los amigos, las lecciones, los cuentos, y los gratos momentos que pasamos juntos.

Te ruego que leas muchos libros, y que pongas todo tu esfuerzo en los estudios. Yá sabes que la escuela te llevará lejos. Lucha por hacer algo especial en tu vida, por ayudar a los demás, y por llevar a nuestra gente adelante.

Recuerda siempre a la maestra que te quiere mucho. Te deseo lo mejor de la vida.

My dear student,

It's the last day of school, and we will no longer see each other. Take with you the pleasant memories of our class, the friends, the lessons, the stories, and the good times we spent together.

I urge you to read many books, and to put all of your effort in your studies. You already know that school will take you far. Work toward doing something special with your life, toward helping others, and toward taking our people forward.

Always remember the teacher who loves you. I wish you the best in life.

The last day of school is bittersweet. Part of me is relieved, joyous, giddy, excited about sleeping in and chilling out, and looking forward to spending quality time with my son. The other part of me is sad, worried, but hopeful. Being a teacher is helping and loving kids that are not your own, then letting them go and hoping they will find their special powers.


Kim said...

The kids last day of school was Friday and I could tell they were ready for the break.

Lana Banana said...

i love you. do you know that? i haven't even met you and i love you. i do.

algun dia, amiga, quiero ser como ti.

Brenda said...

This is fantastic! One of the things my mother did right was reading to her children, practically from the womb! It's so wonderful to see how you've encouraged reading in your students! It will open so many doors for them!

This Brazen Teacher said...

Your LAST day?? End of June? And when pray tell is your first day back. Please tell me middle of September.

Cassy said...

Kim - they were so ready to go - they yelled and cheered on the way out. (I remember feeling like that!)

Lana - que lindo que me apoyes y entiendes! Guapa!

Brenda - the best is when they make connections between books/poems and their own lives... now THERE is some magic!

Brazen - Back to school on Sept.4! Now I have to hurry, rest, and have some fun before its time to go back!

katied said...

I so agree with you about feeling bittersweet. I loved your last day letter and thank you for sharing your ideas. Now, enjoy this time with your son!