Thursday, July 10, 2008

If the flip-flop fits

A few weeks ago, before school was over, I was assessing the state of my summer footwear. I figured I would probably need a pair or two of new sandals, for work and for going out. I also thought I’d need a new pair of flip-flops for hanging out around the house and for quick excursions and running errands. I like to make sure I have a couple of comfortable options that will go with everything, especially for those hot and humid days when the thought of wearing anything on my feet makes me cringe.

Since we live in a small house, we keep our clothes stored in the attic in huge plastic bins and switch them from season to season. The same goes for our shoes. When I went to the attic to pull a blue Rubbermaid bin marked “Summer Shoes”, it felt heavy as I lugged it in to the bedroom to get a better look. I removed the lid and was assaulted by the stale smell of plastic and rubber. I immediately recognized two pairs of flip-flops belonging to my husband, one with leather straps, and the other with a canvas/mesh strap and college logo. Next to these were my son’s flip-flops – one pair was the cheap, dollar-store rubber kind, the other pair was a nicer natural jute-strapped pair.

Underneath the guy’s stuff were my summer shoes. I felt pleased as I took out three different pairs of black sandals in varying heights, one light-brown pair, a pair of red flats, and two pairs of white, mule-style, slip-on sneakers. They all looked pretty good for another season and I decided there was no hurry to buy new stuff. I could certainly make these all work with my summer outfits.

There was more in the bin. I retrieved:

1 pair of green and black top-sole, black cord strap flip-flops
1 pair of all-black, micro-suede top-sole, sporty flip-flops
1 pair of black, straw top-sole, with Svarovski-like beaded strap flip-flops
1 pair of black and white flowered canvas strap flip-flops
1 pair of red strap, sporty flip-flops
1 pair of suede top-sole, silver and gold braided strap flip-flops
1 pair of straw top-sole, denim-style strap flip-flops
1 pair of blue and white strap, mesh top-sole, sporty flip-flops
1 pair of blue and white flowers with see-through strap rubber flip-flops
1 pair of standard, dollar-store, purple rubber flip-flops
1 black and pink rubber flip-flop, missing its mate

I think I have a flip-flop addiction. My husband says I’m just cheap.


fragileheart said...

lol Flip flops can be so comfortable though. Assuming you're only walking on smooth ground. I love the new crocs sandals and flip flops they've come out with. They're unbelieveable comfortable and stylish too!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Better cheap than buying him out of house and home.
Finding thing's like that is like x-mas in July!

Toni said...

I love my flip-flop all of them. I have a bunch. We have closet issues here as well, unfortunately I am not an organized person so I have pairs and pairs of good summer shoes in the basement and upstairs that need to be worn but are not! However, I have only bought 1 pair of flip-flops this season, no wait, only 3 pairs!

Ashina said...

Summer is the best time for shopping I got cool designed summer shoes from Nordstrom at very genuine price.

TeacherDee said...

I wear my flip flops everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I guess this means you don't want the flip flops I just picked up for you. jk. Time to clean out the bin...

Barbara said...

I also love flip-flops! I have a bunch and wear them everywhere. It's the only time I don't wear high heels, eventhough some of my flip-flops are high! I have passed on my addiction to the little one, we have all types, fancy, plain high low you name it! I'll wear them till my toes start to freeze in October!

Nessa said...

I have 25 pairs.........i admit i'm cheap, but i never have to look for any shoes to coordinate with my clothes lol.

Looooooooove my flop flops!!

Jennifer said...

For some reason, I have never been a flip flop wearer (maybe it's that little thong that goes between the toes; it doesn't feel right to me).

I am, however, a shoe lover and can completely relate to the feeling of rediscovery after a season or two away: do I really own that many sandals??