Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A mother grows up

Lately it seems I'm not doing anything right.
My mouth tries loud words to make you hear,
my face betrays feelings that tear me up,
my eyes are too easy to overflow.
One moment we're laughing
and you're playfully nudging me, wanting a hug.
You've even reached for my hand in the parking lot.
And then, the cloud comes,
you scowl and roll your eyes.
You don't say it but you can't stand me.

So I hold on to a time when I was just right.
You were small and my lap was the place you looked for.
Your curly head fit under my chin
and I imagined what it would be like when you got taller.

Now, we can look straight into each other's faces
but not see eye-to-eye.
This is to be expected, they say.
I'll get through this phase -
just as long as you come back to me.

(Artwork by Bolivian painter Roberto Mamani Mamani)


Mr. Magoo... said...

Es una etapa muy dificil, yo todavia no llego ahi pero ya esta a la vuelta de la esquina, el tiempo corre muy deprisa....
Paciencia y perseverancia, no hay un manual para ser padre o madre, solo lo que te va dictando tu razon, pero sobre todo, tu corazon.


TeacherDee said...

A beautiful poem. I know my time is coming, too, and time flies so fast with the kids.

Angel said...

"And then, the cloud comes,
you scowl and roll your eyes.
You don't say it but you can't stand me."

It just breaks your heart, doesn't it, when that happens!

What a wonderful poem!

MindFul MiMi said...

I liked this. Motherhood is tough. My oldest is 2 years and the youngest is 7 months. I already see now that the oldest is starting to detach from me and I dread to see this continue. But I know I need to promote it, support it, help him. One never does it right and we are mad at our parents for whatever we think they did wrong too. It's a normal process and as long as you keep telling yourself that it'll be alright.....

La Jibara said...

Me hiciste llorar...again! You should publish your poems, girl! You have a way to touch the heart!