Thursday, July 17, 2008

See Me Go Up and Down

I own a house. I wanted a new house. I put my house up for sale.
I cleaned, dusted, fixed, painted, patched, and repaired.
I swept and vacuumed.
I waited.
People came, looked, and left.
I waited.
I cleaned, dusted, fixed, painted, patched, and repaired some more.
I swept and vacuumed.
People came, looked, and left.
I waited.
One couple came, looked, and liked.
One couple made an offer.
I countered, they offered again. I countered, they offered again.
We agreed.
We went looking. And looking. And looking.
We saw one, we loved it, we made an offer.
He countered, we offered, he countered, we offered again.
We agreed.
They signed, we signed, he signed, we signed again.
We signed, and signed, and signed.
The banker said yes.
We felt happy. We were excited. We smiled. We packed.

The phone rang. The lawyer had bad news.
"They cannot buy your home because they are not qua-li-fied."
They are first-time buyers. They have no money."
Oh, no! Its true!
I can buy, but I can't sell!


Sonya said...

I would have waited, cried, fainted, and then cried some more!

Stella said...

you have a way with is amazing...
hang in there...something WILL come up. it always does. :)

Zee Harrison said...

Been there and it is horrible. Stella's right - something will come up. The key is to strategise and be patient.

Patricia Rockwell said...

We sold our house less than a year ago,just before the market started to fail, but even then we had to take a much lower offer than we had wanted. Now we are happy we did because if we had waited we might be in your position. My heart goes out to you and all other home buyers and sellers who are stuck due to no fault of their own.

QuaChee said...

like the way you wrote this post. u managed to put some humour in yr situation :)