Thursday, August 14, 2008

At the bookstore

“The cookies seem to have gotten smaller”
he says, as he clutches a bunch of
fashion magazines, comic books, the latest American Girl,
a no-carb diet book,
and "Improving Your Swing"
in the crook of his arm
and fiddles in his wallet for some plastic.
The guy behind the counter just looks at him.

There was a time when a cookie satisfied.
He could get his sugar fix on just one of these babies
back in the day,
when he was just a kid
no worries, no commitments, no plan.
A small coffee and a cookie were it
when he spent long afternoons reading, studying, planning.

Time and responsibility did a good job of fixing that.
Do you have any idea what wife, work, and kids can do to you?
Not enough anymore
even though he has everything.
He’s overdone it,
just like he's about to now on these
chocolate-laced oatmeal raisin cookies and tall java-chip banana smoothie.
Eyes too big for his many mouths,
season tickets and SUV,
wife’s shoe and bag habit,
kids’ video games and plasma TV,
piano lessons, football pools, spa treatments.
Hands too big for his wallet.
The need is too big –
it grows along with his title
and remains unfilled
despite having everything.
It was better when he had nothing.
The cookies were bigger.


The Fearless Blog said...

Read it twice.

1. Assumption: It is one of your original pieces, personal and real
2. Fantastic way of telling a is current, specific and anyone can relate (well at least I can)
3. Imagery, poetry and a story all in one...brief and to the point and boy does it make a point

I know you don't respond to your comments. I understand. I just want you to know (if this is your original piece) that this is impressive and it does what Zinsser claims good writers do. It pleases you first and then it captures your reader and provides him or her with a pleasurable read, not too much and just right.

Cassy said...

Mar, it's because I don't know what to say! I'll do a better job from now on.

Thank you for your positive feedback! A guy at the store really said that, and from there I created the story.

Yes, it does please me to write these little "windows" of life...

The Fearless Blog said...

What a great way to take off with an idea! Great post.