Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school before it starts

School begins next week! We teachers start on Tuesday the 2nd, and will have two days of staff development. The students will then have their first day of school on Thursday, the 4th. I'm looking forward to meeting my new students!
In the meantime, I've been to my classroom both yesterday and today. I arrived in old jeans and sneakers, knowing there was a lot to lift, unpack, move around, put away, and clean. These pictures show what I found when I got to my classroom. Not too bad at all. I spent the whole day yesterday making sense of the boxes and putting the furniture in its place.
Today, I returned for the entire day again, this time accompanied by my mom. I organized the art supplies, paper, texts, and book shelves, while Mami organized my desk and set up my "kitchen" area. Before we left at 3:30 (yes! 3:30 pm and I'm still supposedly on summer vacation!) Mami and I put up my bulletin boards. It's amazing how much we got accomplished.
I will return for a third time tomorrow, for the entire day again, to organize my teaching materials and my files, set up my classroom computers, put up my literacy word wall, put up my math word wall, hang up my posters, and open more boxes because there will be more when I get there.
I will then return the next day, to organize my classroom library. The books must be organized by themes (biographies, multicultural, sports, animals, holidays, fairy tales, states, countries, space, bilingual, etc.) A large part of the classroom library is also comprised of leveled readers, which also have to be organized in to different colored bins, and marked with different colored labels, indicating their levels.

I suppose I'll have to go in on Friday as well. There is so much to do...
While all of this back-to-school setting up is going on, what do I do with my son? Well, the boy is accustomed to life with two teachers. He's been going to school every day this week with his dad, setting up that classroom!

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Lana Banana said...

oy vey!!!

my very deepest sympathies, amiga!

i've been in there all week too, so i can commiserate! at least you'll have a beautiful room for the year and though the rugrats never say it, i'm pretty sure they DO appreciate it. and if not them, then I appreciate you doing it because nothing makes me feel better than knowing that i've got colleagues like you out there . . .

un gran abraso!!!