Friday, August 15, 2008

On Holiday!

We're leaving in a couple of hours for vacation to Outer Banks, North Carolina. It will be the entire family, that's 20 of us, under one roof for a week. We're experts at this; we've been doing the BIG TOGETHER for several summers now. The time always proves to be memorable.

I checked on our rental yesterday, and discovered that the house HAS NO INTERNET ACCESS! I emailed everyone, the messages were flying back and forth, and my brother jokingly admitted he purposely booked a house with no access so that it would be a true vacation.


Well, I'm still taking my lap-top, just in case. Besides, mi jefe found some local Internet cafes so he can do his "banking". (That means fantasy sports and keeping up with his blog.) I'll try to check in as well. If I don't, it will just mean I am resting and thoroughly enjoying the water, sun, and my family.

Adios folks! I'm outta here!


Jennifer said...

It's been a long time since I've been without ubiquitous internet access. Maybe that will be a good thing!

Have a wonderful time!

threio said...

Have a great vacation, see you when U get back. Hopefully we will get pictures of U and your Family having a great time.

Lana Banana said...


The Fearless Blog said...

Have a great time....

This Brazen Teacher said...

Funny- I just got back from MY big family vacation in the Outer Banks two weeks ago.

My little sister also booked a house with no internet access. But I too brought my laptop... and discovered upon arrival that the house next door provided me with near full access. :-D

Have fun on your trip!

Mr. Magoo... said...

Mucha suerte en tus vacaciones, espero que disfrutes con o sin internet, diria que mejor sin internet, veras como la perspectiva cambia cuando regreses.
Dejo mis saludos, y por aqui vendre a buscarte cuando hayas regresado.