Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breaking off a piece

It works like magic
on your insides,
the parts suppressed by adulthood,
your center, your soul,
the hideaway you keep.

It loves you -
a brief respite from daily matters
that makes you smile,
intense on your tongue,
curiously erotic,
making your eyelids flutter and
filling you sweetly,
kisses melting on your tongue
soothing every imaginable pain.

You forget
for a moment
where, what, why.
The treasure of the Amazon
has become your delicious secret.

That’s why women I know have buried
Russel Stover in their lingerie drawer
Whitman’s in their desk
and Hershey in their handbag.


Nardeeisms said...

Good Lord woman! I just about burst with laughter on this one! I really needed this one today. I have done more resurrecting than burying these days (and I've got the hips to prove it!) Thanks Cassy! Thanks!

I will share this story with you:
First of all Russel Stover's ain't cheap...A friend of mine, some years ago, bought two cans of Katydids and buried them in her closet. There, they would be safe from the jaws of her greedy husband and son...or so she thought. She went out, then came back. When she peeked in her bedroom door, she caught her husband sitting on the bed next to her son with the can of chocolates in his hand, divying up the candy. One for you, one for me...he was saying, as he split up the candy. She was livid!

Thanks for helping me to recall the story. - Nards

Brenda said...

How naughtily delicious! (And true!)