Monday, December 29, 2008

Diversity Rocks! Reading Challenge

I love going in to the New Year with a plan. So I've signed up for the 2009 Diversity Rocks! Challenge.

I'm committing to reading 12 books by authors of color; at least six of these will be children's and young adult books, and the others will be adult selections. While I already read diverse authors (check out my bookshelf at the bottom of my blog) I welcome the challenge to read even more. I'm looking forward to seeking out diverse children's and YA authors in particular, as it will also benefit my students.

Thanks Ali, at Worducopia, for an exciting project for the New Year! Read On!


Saii said...

That's a great thing you're going to do
I love reading too

about your question on what's next for me...
I'm going to teach Reading, Spelling and Grammar to 6th. graders in a new school so I'm excited and N E R V O U S

Dree said...

I'm in. I'm always looking for new books to read, for myself and for my students. Please share what you're reading... I'd love suggestions!

Whateverebay said...

That is a wonderful idea!

I also want to thank you so much for my book. It arrived last night and I cannot wait to sit down tonight and start.

You have an interesting selection of books you have read. I did not realize there was a page Two to it. Consequently, I have several more books to add to my list.

Wish you the best - Happy New Year