Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Learned in 2008 Part I - Technology Rules

Many things about technology still befuddle me, although I have increased my tech-knowledge by leaps and bounds this past year.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo, who asks What did you learn in 2008?, I've been thinking about the past year in terms of my technological growth spurt.

1. I started a blog, and so began a series of new experiences. I've been posting, commenting, embedding, linking, adjusting templates, and checking stats. I've figured out how to make minor changes to Html in the layout of my blog. I also use RSS feeds and subscribe to several blogs through Google Reader.

2. I use a digital camera and my cell phone to take photos. I send or save photos to my computer, attach photos to email, embed them in my blog, and use them in lessons and presentations. I use my scanner to save old photos. I also use photo-making programs to crop, retouch, and "improve" my pictures.

3. I use my iPod daily. I download songs, rip and burn CDs, and create playlists for personal and classroom use. I also use other music sites, such as Pandora, so I have control over what I'm listening to, and for the opportunity to discover new artists.

4. I have abandoned trips to the mall; I shop on-line.

5. I visit certain websites regularly, examine new ones daily, and utilize many as resources in my classroom. A day doesn't go by without discovering one more site to add to my "tool-kit".

6. I'm also using my lap-top for news-following, bill-paying, symptom-checking, You-tubing, etc.

7. I use my computer daily for work, lesson plans, professional and personal writing.

Technology has moved me forward, and there is so much more to learn.

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