Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Good Boys

My two nephews were watching TV when I stopped in to my mom's yesterday. I was impressed at how well they were behaving. While I had lunch with my mom, the boys joined us at the table for some milk and homemade cookies. One of the boys told me about World Wars I and II, and what he learned from the Pearl Harbor movie. The other boy told me about an upcoming fishing trip with his dad. It was a pleasant insight in to the boys' interests.

The boys left the table after a while and enjoyed some silliness, like crawling and creeping around the house, and sneaking up on me. Later, I heard them giggle as they gently tossed around what I thought was a small Frisbee. Their abuelo (grandfather) was not amused, but I assured my dad that no es nada (no big deal) and the boys returned to their cartoons.

Before I left, I tore out two slips of paper from a notepad in my bag. On each, I created an "Excellent Behavior" note, promising a special prize in the future, as long as they could present the slip of paper to me next time we meet. I handed the "coupons" to the boys and watched as they read them. They exchanged smiles, folded the slips back up, and placed them in their pockets. I kissed them good-bye, and made my way out the door.

I had to turn around though, realizing I had left my book on the table. As I walked out again, I peeked in on the boys. They were reading their coupons to each other!

Awesome. Now, assuming they're successful in preserving those little slips of paper for a few weeks, what should the prize be? Must it be a thing?


Laura-Whateverebay said...

How adorable. A precious moment. Instead of an object, perhaps a favorite special time with you. Making a familiy or special ocassions book, a favorite meal. You are such an amazing writer, a poem or story about them. :)

Roxana said...

Me encantó esta historia, Cassy! Y creo que Laura tiene razón. Sería genial que hagas algo especial con ellos. Solo ustedes tres.
Yo tengo una tía como tu y es lo máximo!! Gracias por compartir and BTW, thanks for your comments over at SpanglishBaby.