Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuneful Tuesday - "Closer to Fine"

The Indigo Girls' Closer to Fine was a hit in the late 1980s. I distinctly remember my teenage cousins singing along a todo dar (with all their heart) and how lovely they looked and sounded. Unfortunately, I didn't pay much attention to the song back then, nor to my cousins.

More than 20 years later, I came across this song again, and discovered how happy it makes me feel. Songs do that to us. Sometimes it's the lyrics, or the melody, or the memory attached to a song, that makes it linger, heal, or please.

I placed Closer to Fine in my iPod this past weekend. While I set up my son's iPod, he asked me to place it in his as well, and said "That one makes you smile."

Here's to songs that just plain feel good.


Jules said...

As soon as I read this post, it put a huge smile on my face! "Closer to Fine" has got to be one of the best "feel good" songs ever written!

The Fearless Blog said...

Great song...just love the acoustic guitar. It's the guitar that makes the song!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I associate this song with my first year at Catholic University, my room in the group house, all the new people in a new city, and a decision to major in philosophy. Thanks for the memories!

John Spencer said...

I heard a real interesting interview with them on NPR this weekend. They played this song live at the end.