Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Mother's Hair

When I was a little girl, I would sit on my mother's bed and watch her reflection in the mirror as she rolled her long, dark hair up in curlers. She would wrap her hair around pink tubes which she'd secure with long metal clips. Later, when her hair had set, she would unfasten the clips, letting the curls fall on her shoulders, springy and soft. Then, she would brush her hair out, and the resulting effect was... beautiful.

Hairs-Pelitos, a bilingual picture book by Sandra Cisneros, shares fond memories and descriptions about family members and their hair. Please visit Latin Baby Book Club for my review of this very special book.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why I don't get my work done

For the past couple of weeks I've sat here at my desk working on several end-of-the-year tasks. In the middle of all this work, I've often stared forlornly (well, not so much) at my blog, where I haven't posted in almost two weeks. It's just been so busy, and I admit I'm easily distracted. I've also been somewhat at a loss for what to write, being that my head is in several places.

I've found myself surrounded by piles of papers needing to be read, corrected, filed, graded, organized... and what am I doing? I'm looking at several Internet pages which I've tabbed - my personal email, my school email, my Google Reader, my Facebook, my Twitter page, my Nings, and my blog.

I correct a couple of pages, check my inbox. Read another paper or two, send a message to my sister on FB. Grade a few more papers, scan my Twitter page, tweet, or retweet. Edit another few pages, read a few of my favorite blogs. Tweet again. Check FB and discover my Scrabble partner has challenged me to a new game. Play my turn. Back to the papers. Check in on one of my Nings, read. Get up to adjust the volume on the TV. Oh yeah, I'm also watching, or rather listening to CNN. I go to get a cup of coffee. Back to the papers. And so it goes.

That's how I work. Call it ADHD or plain old procrastination. No wonder I'm still looking at my undone report cards, which are due on Wednesday.

Oh well. I did manage to write this post.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Customer Service

(Here is what I wish I had overheard and seen in the main office this morning, when a young mother came to pick up her child from school.)

Good Morning! How can I help you? (Smile...)

You're here to sign your child out? May I ask the reason? (Nod politely...)

Alright then. May I ask your child's name?

And what room is your child in? Teacher's name? (Prod patiently...)

You're not sure? Well, if you tell me what grade your child is in, I can help you with that.

Please sign here while I call for your child. (Point, provide a pen...)

You're not sure where to sign? Here, please sign here. (Smile...)

Now, please have a seat while you wait for your child to come down. Can I help you with anything else? (Smile...)

Here is your child! Do you have everything? It was nice to meet you - have a lovely day! (Smile and wave...)

Dear mother-in-the-office,
I am sorry your experience in our school was so uncomfortable this morning. I wish I had stepped in to take over. Unfortunately there are certain "territories" that must not be invaded and I've been told not to get involved when I see this happening.

You were spoken to disrespectfully. The person whose job it was to assist you was rude and impatient. I would not be surprised if you avoid coming to our school in the future and if you speak poorly about our staff.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giveaway Update

Some people have all the luck! It appears our friends Cheryl S and Nightdweller20 have already won these great books at other blogs. So, I have the pleasure of drawing two more names.

The winners are:
1. teachin'
2. Bingo

Please comment/reply to this post ASAP with your name and mailing address so that we may get these books out to you right away. Don't worry - I will not publish your addresses here. (PO Boxes not acceptable, sorry.) I'll also try to get in touch with you (if you have a blog or if you've already supplied your address) so that we may expedite the mailing of your prizes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Latino Books Month Giveaway - Winners!

Thank You to the 37 fabulous participants who posted comments to my May 7th Giveaway post! I enjoyed hearing from all of you!

As promised, your entries were placed into a bowl. My son was enlisted as the Reach for More giveaway "official", and drew five entries. The winners are:

1. Cheryl S.
2. Campbele
3. Rebecca
4. Nightdweller20
5. Debbie Rodgers

Lucky you! You've won all 5 of these books:
B as in Beauty By Alberto Ferreras
Into the Beautiful North By Luis Urrea
Hungry Woman in Paris By Josefina Lopez
The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos By Margaret Mascarenhas
Houston, We Have a Problema By Gwendolyn Zepeda

Winners - Please comment/reply to this post ASAP with your name and mailing address so that we may get these books out to you right away. (PO Boxes not acceptable, sorry.)