Monday, June 8, 2009

Customer Service

(Here is what I wish I had overheard and seen in the main office this morning, when a young mother came to pick up her child from school.)

Good Morning! How can I help you? (Smile...)

You're here to sign your child out? May I ask the reason? (Nod politely...)

Alright then. May I ask your child's name?

And what room is your child in? Teacher's name? (Prod patiently...)

You're not sure? Well, if you tell me what grade your child is in, I can help you with that.

Please sign here while I call for your child. (Point, provide a pen...)

You're not sure where to sign? Here, please sign here. (Smile...)

Now, please have a seat while you wait for your child to come down. Can I help you with anything else? (Smile...)

Here is your child! Do you have everything? It was nice to meet you - have a lovely day! (Smile and wave...)

Dear mother-in-the-office,
I am sorry your experience in our school was so uncomfortable this morning. I wish I had stepped in to take over. Unfortunately there are certain "territories" that must not be invaded and I've been told not to get involved when I see this happening.

You were spoken to disrespectfully. The person whose job it was to assist you was rude and impatient. I would not be surprised if you avoid coming to our school in the future and if you speak poorly about our staff.


WideEyedWonder said...

I like that you write about this because I think that people rarely think about it. It is our job to create a safe and comfortable environment in our school and to promote the inclusion of parents in learning. I know that secretaries are very busy, but if the first thing that parents meet when the walk is the door is resistance, we don't even get a fighting chance.

Stella said...

que pena q eso pasara Cassy! Las personas de las oficinas son personas vitales para la imagen de una escuela. Lo siento mucho por esa mama y su mala experiencia.