Friday, August 20, 2010

Bracing myself

School starts in a couple of weeks.  Not just school, where I teach, but school, where I'll be going every Monday for a graduate course.  I've decided to go back to school to get my supervisor's certificate.

When I finished my master's in 2005, I thought I'd never go back to that stressful schedule of an intense day of teaching, followed by a one-hour drive to the university, then two hours and a half of class, then a one-hour drive back home. Here I am once again though, registered and tuition installments paid.  Luckily, I enjoy school, at least until I start to become overwhelmed with classroom duties and family obligations. 

I predict an intense year, where I'll need to be extra organized and manage my time wisely.  I'm good at letting things pile up, and getting annoyed when they do.  Willpower, coffee, and the occasional nap will get me through.


Marcela said...

Good luck! Your writing was perfect for me today, I have been meaning to go back to school and keep making excuses...but enough with my excuses ( :

Cassy said...

I'm glad my post got you thinking about school Marcela! Go for it!

Monica said...

Your writing brings a chuckle. I finished my master's 3 years ago and it only seems like yesterday. And here I am again, going back to school for a reading endorsement. A friend told me I need a "12 step program" to stay out of school but I enjoy going to school.
Good luck!