Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So tired, I can't sleep

Nine o’clock, exhausted, ready for bed
so cold, extra blankets
alarm set, good night.
My eyes opened at 11, I remembered the laundry.
I woke again at 12, counted to 239, thought about work.
I saw the clock at 1:34, wondered if it had to do with age?
Flipped the pillow to the cool side,
threw my arm around my husband at 1:55,
and mulled over an argument.
Counted to three hundred something
and saw green glowing at 2:46,
considered where to stop for gas in the morning.
Unwrapped myself from too-warm covers at 3:50,
tugged at the comforter again around 4:44,
mentally rearranged the next day’s class schedule.
Sirens! Screaming! Beeping!
Fumbled for the button at 5:30,
hit snooze, not so gently, for just 10 more precious minutes.


Lorenzo said...

Sounds like you need some prozac or something! Take care of yourself...

Mr. Magoo... said...

Pueden ser muchas cosas, pero suelen decir que con la edad uno duerme menos, puede ser una preocupacion en particular, pero la reflejas asi. Solo trata de relajarte o tal vez algo de ejercicio por las noches. Me gusta mucho la manera en que lo expresas, poesia de nuestro acontecer diario.
Un abrazo.

Buddha said...

You think too much.

Laura-Whateverebay said...

Mi abuelita diría que es miedo... podira ser??.. Your blog will be a must read for me. I have enjoyed your writing and have read a few selections of the recommended reading. I am so excited to have stumbled upon your site. Fellow Latina/Hispanic blogger :)

Nardeeisms said...

Good to be here Cassy...Reading this, I almost fell out laughing! I've "been there" so many times that it really isn't funny! Sometimes it is difficult to turn off a day, but lately, I have had to force myself. Wishing you calmer days ahead. - Nards