Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sweets and Memories

My parents returned recently from a trip through Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Lucky folks - they're retired and now enjoy the great pleasures of traveling the world.

Mami and Papi remembered my gustitos (things I really like) and brought back a box of alfajores from Argentina, and a bar of Mantecol, a chocolate and peanut candy bar.

These treats are like gold to me. First, because they are riquísimos! Secondly, most importantly, they bring me back to a most wonderful childhood, when our family traveled to Bolivia every year for summer vacation. While in the city of La Paz, my siblings and I basked in the love - of abuelitos, who adored us as only grandparents can, our tías who cooked delicias for us, our tíos who spoiled us with fun outings and several pesos to spend, and our primos who included us in their school functions, their parties, their circles of friends, and brought us along on the adventures of growing up.

My little stash of alfajores is gone. I savored each one, and enjoyed the last with this morning's coffee. But my bar of Mantecol still sits on my shelf. Sentimentality has gotten a hold of me.

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Stella said...

Nooooo....alfajores! me mueroooo! y de mi pais encima! oh are making me drool....