Sunday, August 30, 2009

His Running Shoes

This’ll be tedious –
I know
you have a hard time
making up your mind
I drag myself to the sports store
For the eighth year in a row
I used to pick and choose
What you’d wear on your feet
To school
“These are cool” I say
Noting the reasonable price-tag
“These seem light and comfortable”
when the very washable mesh fabric and darker design
Catch my eye
But this year you’re drawn
To black with yellow piping
Crazy combination
“You’ll grow tired of these fast” I mutter
You try them on
Even have your dad tie them for you
Even now…
Big boy with long legs
You jump to your feet, bounce in place
Feeling the cushion, the give, the flexibility
Things I must learn to be –
You pretend to run around the shop
Testing how swiftly you’ll run
As I watch your feet grow at heart-pulling speed


Sarah Alaoui said...

i love moms.

Anonymous said...

Considering I am taking my son shoe shopping today... this poem is perfect

Ѕіоbhán said...

They grow up far too quickly! My two are growing like weeds... you wish you could make time stand still, sometimes. You have to treasure every moment of their childhood, because it's over all too soon!