Saturday, March 20, 2010


Napkin on kitchen table:
Fed the animals, coffee’s brewed. Might want to
let the dog out one more time. Drink your juice.
See you tonight.

Text message before lunch:
Did u call dr? Don’t forget! Luv u

Email, after lunch:
Tried calling, keep getting put on hold so
will try later. Dumb doctors. Bring Chinese for dinner?

Reply email:
Yes, Chinese. No worries – keep trying, leave message
for MD to call you asap.

Reply email:
Cancel Chinese please. Stomach’s in turmoil. Hot soup?

Reply email:
Whatever you want – talk later, boss coming.

Whispered voice message from 4 pm meeting:
Soooo tired. Can’t wait to go home. Finally reached the
doctor – we’re on for tomorrow. Yay!

Voice message, from car, loud:
One more stop hon, and I’ll swing over to Roma’s for your soup and
fresh bread. How ‘bout that? Huh? Taking care of my baby… see you in a bit!

While he waits for her soup and his sandwich, he goes next door where the bell
rings as it swings against the glass, and the curly H promises just the right words…
not one for flowers and pastels –
he settles on blue
the color of a dream he has, about to come true.
He retrieves a pen from a wrinkled shirt pocket, and
leaning against the counter,

You and me, we’re in this…


Deb said...

I love this!!! are congratulations in order?!

Cassy said...

Congrats for me would have been 13 years ago! :) This poem was inspired by that time, and by the way things are now... how we communicate via tech. Thanks for commenting!

TeachEnEspanol said...

This is so beautiful. I am finding so many connections to my own life in your words!