Monday, December 27, 2010


I'm halfway through book #50. You'd think that being on Christmas vacation and being snowed in would help my mission, allowing me to finish the last three books I need to read before the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve. But I have a problem.

I'm easily distracted.

I'm distracted by emails, Facebook, and Twitter. I lost my way yesterday when I glanced at the windows in my office and just had to make curtains, right then and there. (They're lovely, I must say. I made them out of two Indian scarves.) I'm distracted by laundry, but not so much that I actually do any. (OK, I did one load today, just the essentials, like a bunch of underwear and some pjs I'll need for the rest of this lazy week.)

I'm distracted by Christmas cookies.  Lots of cookies, all kinds. Every time I pass by the kitchen table, these bright red tins call to me. I open them, and discover new treasures while sipping hot coffee.

was productive today, and helped my husband shovel snow. I was distracted though, when the most beautiful flock of geese flew by, and I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the day - the crisp cold, the white snow, the blowing wind, the clean air. (How alive I felt!)

I did read this afternoon, but a nap came on.  I gave in. Now here I am, it's almost 11 pm, and I'm about to watch a movie with my family. Movies are distracting too, but this is the week to catch up on them. When the movie is over, off to bed I'll go.

I'll prop myself up with a bunch of pillows, and read until I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

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