Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Evening Sadness

A trabajar mañana, m’ijito
y tu a la escuela.
A levantarse temprano
ducharse a la rápida
vestirse calentito y
desayunar, aunque no tengas ganas.

Fueron lindos y largos estos días
pasamos horas haciendo nada
gozamos mucho
disfrutamos nuestra casita,
las sopas ricas que hizo tu padre,
y las delicias de dormir hasta tarde.

Mañana, regresamos a la rutina.
No tengas pena, m’ijo,
sentirás esta melancolía el resto de la vida.
Los lunes cuestan.

Back to work tomorrow, my son
and you to school.
Wake up early
shower quickly
dress warmly
have breakfast, though you don't feel like it.

These days were lovely and long
we spent hours doing nothing
we had fun
we enjoyed our little home
the savory soups your dad made
and the delights of sleeping in.

Tomorrow, we'll return to the routine.
Don't let it bother you my boy,
you'll feel this sadness the rest of your life.
Mondays are difficult.


Ali said...

Aw, sweet poem. I hope the return to routine went smoothly for everyone today.

The Fearless Blog said...

You've captured the sentiment beautifully. There is more passion in the Spanish version and so I enjoyed it more.

Although we had a long and enjoyable vacation, going back to school and work proves difficult, especially on a Monday. :) I guess it happens to all of us...

Enjoy your back to school :) And just think of it this way...summer is right around the corner.