Saturday, January 17, 2009

A wordly compliment

This afternoon we watched some of CNN's coverage of Obama's Train Tour. I got all choked up and cheered when the train slowed down, passing through a crowd-filled station in Maryland.

Waving, searching, trying to see in the windows, all kinds of people waited for that last train car, where Obama and Biden stood and waved. Obama's smile said so much. The people were cold, but they were jubilant, excited, fulfilled. I saw all the things I hope for in their faces.

And my son said, "Mom's Hispanic, Black, White, Indian, Chinese, everything."

You so get it, kid.


Nardeeisms said...

Yes Cassy! Yes! I've walked and ridden down many of those streets before ...It will never be the same. And, like your son, I "get it". Truth is: I "got it" long ago. Everything looks different now. As I attempted to post this comment, the character verification words "choose an identity" even have a different meaning to me now. Good to be here again, my sister...good to be here.... - Love ~Nards

Writing Nag said...

beautifully said, it is a great day for our country!