Thursday, May 7, 2009

Latino Books Month Giveaway!

May is Latino Book Month. Join me as I celebrate with a great book giveaway!

Enter to win all 5 of these books (yes, all 5!):

B as in Beauty By Alberto Ferreras
Into the Beautiful North By Luis Urrea
Hungry Woman in Paris By Josefina Lopez
The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos By Margaret Mascarenhas
Houston, We Have a Problema By Gwendolyn Zepeda

Contest rules:
Briefly answer one or more of the following questions and leave your replies to this post during the month of May. You may comment more than once, answering a different question each time, for a total of three entries.
  1. What Latino author and/or book sticks out in your mind? Why?
  2. If you've never read a Latino-authored book, would you like to? Why?
  3. What kinds of books do you read? What genre do you lean toward? Why?
Entries will be placed en una fuente grande (a large bowl) and will be seleccionados al azar (will be chosen at random) on May 31st. Winners will be announced on my June 1st post. Five lucky readers will win!

Thank you Hachette Book Group! And thank you to Literanista for this great opportunity!


JBV said...

Latino books. Hispanic books. Books in Spanish. No matter what you call them, they are a big part of my reading life since I began reading Spanish in High School. If I had to pick one author who sticks out it would be the one I have the longest-lasting relationship with - Miguel Cervantes. Of course we read Don Quijote in high school. Cervantes a god to me then, unapproachable and a little scary. He then became a distant acquaintaince, as we reread the novel and studied it more in college. But it wasn't until I spent an entire summer en un lugar de la mancha (well anyway, in Madrid) reading El Quijote with a professor who was a true scholar that I fell in love with Cervantes, the man. We took walks together, sat on a bench outside the Prado together, kept each other company through dinner and beyond, and yes, sometimes ended up in bed together. We keep in touch sometimes, as I pick up the great book from time to time and savor the memories.

Tom.... said...

I have written a book and am planning a sequel. I think I need to add a Hispanic influence in the form of at least two characters. Our nation is increasingly benefiting from the immigration of your heritage and I need to acknowledge it.
Thanks for your stories.
Tom Anselm, teacher and author

Anonymous said...

#2: The Latino book that sticks most in my mind right now is..... Dirty Girls Social Club!! Why? Because:
1. I've read it twice and I never read books twice! I got my Latina book group to read it (which means I can't answer question #2) and they all loved it!
2. The women had real, meaningful issues. The author had a great way of building cultural lessons into her writing without lecturing. It was a fun read!
3. I've met the author!
4. If this country wasn't so racist, this book would be well on the way to becoming a movie.

Miss Tori said...

1) La Linea by Ann Jaramillo was a tissue book. I bawled at the end. I also appreciated the migrant stories in La Mariposa by Francisco Jimenez.

3) I read pedagogy and best practice books because I'm a beginning teacher and a geek.

teachin' said...

I'm taking this from a teaching perspective. For question 1, I love Julia Alvarez. I so want to teach Before We Were Free someday - such a great book. I also really loved Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility by Patricia Santana, and would totally teach that too.

Anonymous said...

1. The only Latina author that sticks out in my mind right now is Melissa de la Cruz. I think because I've wracked my brain to figure out what Latino authors I've read and she's the only that comes to mind. Her Blue Bloods novels are awesome!

2. I think I'd like to expand my book diversity more by reading something from a Latino author.

3. I read all kinds of books. Lately I've been reading YA, paranormals, urban fantasy, historicals, and romances (all subgenres). I like me some sci-fi too. I like the whole escapism thing as much as anyone. But most of all I like how so many stories can be told on the same subjects and not one is exactly alike.

Nicole said...

What kinds of books do you read? What genre do you lean toward? Why?

I usually like romance, because I get totally engrossed in the stories. However, lately I've really been into paranormal romance. I guess it adds another element of suspense.

Carlene said...

my favorite Latino author is Marta Acosta - I love her Casa Dracula books. They are great fun to read. I love to read all types of books, mainly in the romance genre. Please inlcude me in your giveaway.

マリアンナ said...

I admit I am still a sucker for Japanese comics (aka manga), even though I am in college and I should be reading all those intellectual books. Not that I do not try, but it gets annoying reading junk (I have standards...surprisingly). But by no means am I looking down on manga/comics. There is a wide selection to meet anyone's tastes. They have sports, action, fantasy, slice of life, and adult themed comics. My genre has to be fantasy! I love anything fantasy, but I like my romance and mystery too. Nancy Drew kept me up all night (I tried to reread ND and almost died of shock and horror at the bad I can't regress).

Yay! My email: patronus89013[at]yahoo[dot]com

Esme said...

I have not read any Latino books-although I do like cultural genre books-I tend to gravitates towards Asian genre-not sure why-my husband says I like stories about women who struggle, I think that I started reading the Asian genre and then found more from there.
My favorite genre is historical fiction.

BookwormBete said...

My favorite Latina authors are the obvious: Esmeralda Santiago, Julia Alvarez and my favorite of favorites, Isabel Allende. I read When I was Puerto Rican by ES and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent by JA in the summer of 1996 and I still remember them because those girls lived what I had lived. Even though my Portuguese culture is different from the Latino culture of the characters the plights were the same. I still feel too Portuguese to be America and too American to be Portuguese. As for Isabel Allende her fiction stories are wonderful but her account of her life in Paula was the best.
I will read anything with words. Some of my favorite autors are Patricia Cornwall, Mitch Albom, Amy Tan. However, I love cultural books, mostly given to me by Cassy. And, for fluff I like Janet Avanavich, Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins Clark and Danielle Steele.

Anonymous said...

I read all kinds of books and genres because I like to keep my mind open and active.

Cheryl S. said...

"The Shadow of the Wind" by Zafon Carlos Ruiz was one of my favorite reads by a Latino author. I loved the mystery of the book & the way it was written.

Please count me in - Thanks!

Cheryl S. said...

I read all kinds of books. I like fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, historical fiction, mysteries. I probably lean toward mysteries & thrillers because I enjoy the suspense especially if the book is well-written.


Kelly said...

The books that I read are on 2 entirely different levels! I either read history/biography books, or chick-lit. LOL. My main interest is in history, so I'm always in the middle of a history book. But chick-lit books appeal to me, because they're usually about girls like me (single in the city)... AND because there is no chance of me getting the storyline of Shopaholic mixed up with the perils of the War of 1812! ;-)

krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

Marie said...

I don't think I've read many Latino authors so I would like to broaden my reading -- it certainly needs it! I typically read mysteries and historical fiction.

A Reader said...

Garcia comes to mind b/c I loved Love in the Time of Chlorea.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My favorite genre of books is mystery/thriller but I really do read just about anything. I find it a terrific way to pass the time and be entertained.
Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to read these books.
polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail Dot com

Mishia said...

I've read all kinds of books. I lean towards paranormal fiction. Maryjanice Davidson is one of my faves.

Beverly said...

#1 - Books by Latino authors that have stuck with me and I still recommend:
In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarz
The House on the Lagoon by Rosario Ferre
The Aguero Sisters by Cristina Garcia

Anonymous said...

What kind of books do I read? Genres? I read lots and lots of non-fiction - history, science. Things like how they built the Brooklyn Bridge, or brain research on phantom limb syndrome. But I also enjoy my fictional world - a very multicultural world. I love reading about India, the Middle East, ancient and contemporary China, and of course, Middle Earth. I am working my way down my life list of classics I never read but wanted to - Anna Karenina was last, War and Peace is next. It is almost easier to say what I do not read: airport bestsellers and murder mysteries. JBV P.S. JBV posted a comment earlier - forgot the email:

Rebecca :) said...

1. What Latino author and/or book sticks out in your mind? Why?

Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende because it was one of the first books by a Latino or Latina author that I remember reading.

Rebecca :) said...

2. If you've never read a Latino-authored book, would you like to? Why?

I have not read many Latino-authored books and I would like to read more, which is why I would love to win this pack. I just wrote a post on my blog about books that take place in Chile and I had only read 2 of them, Daughter of Fortune being one of them.

Rebecca :) said...

3. What kinds of books do you read? What genre do you lean toward? Why?

I like most nonfiction and I enjoy literary fiction. But books that really intrigue me are books that take place in the setting of a different culture. Recent reads have been about the Navajo, Japan, and Afghanistan.

Bingo said...

1. The author I know is Isabel Allende and it had "sepia" in the title and I really liked it a lot.

Bingo said...

2. I have read a Latino author so can't really answer the question but can tell you I am about to retire from teaching after 37 years and would love some really good books to read. I am giving away the other two sets on my blog but wanted to try and win this set. Thanks for the chance.

Bingo said...

3. I read all kinds of books but am getting where I like coming of age books a lot and also on a memoir kick at this time....rarely non-fiction other than that, however.

Bingo said...

One Hundred Years of Solitude is a classic.
nazatraz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Debbie Rodgers said...

I don't think that I've ever read a Latino-authored book. This wasn't a deliberate omission.
I would love to start with these books - and increase my understanding of Latino culture.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Frida by Barbara Mujica

Debbie Rodgers said...

I read a wide range of books including literature & classics and self-help and business. I lean to mysteries (not usually the thriller type) - I think of them as my comfort food of reading.

Anonymous said...

I have not read a Latino author in many years but I want to because now I am just 1 hour from the Mexican border and I want very much to know about my new home culture! Please enter me!

nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

ikkinlala said...

I read most kinds of books - it's easier to name the genres I lean away from (romance and self-help) than to name the ones I like. I think that's probably because I read quickly as a kid and went to a school with a fairly small library, so I ended up reading just about every book there and trying things I might not otherwise have chosen.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

quelleheure4 said...

I don't have a Latino author that sticks out in my mind.

quelleheure4 said...

Yes, I would love to add Latino authors into my reading repertoire. I love reading anything and everything and all kinds of genres and styles.

quelleheure4 said...

My favorite genre of all is thriller, psychological thrillers! Ever since I read Whispers by Dean Koontz in college, I've been hooked!

Lesley said...

My favorite Latino author is Marquez--he introduced me to my favorite genre (magical realism). Thank you!