Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor: We'll get it right

I let out a loud YES! this morning while checking my email. I had just received a New York Time News Alert announcing Obama's pick for Supreme Court Justice. The nominee - Sonia Sotomayor - could be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. This is another historic day.

I announced the news to my 4th graders and asked them to come up with questions about Ms. Sotomayor. We'll do some researching and reporting this week. Personally, I am inspired by what I have learned so far.

I had heard Ms. Sotomayor's name mentioned several times in the past few weeks; each time, it was pronounced differently. A colleague of mine suggested we brace ourselves for even more name-butchering in the days ahead. It's inevitable.

But I plan to help. Please repeat:

Sew - toe - mah - your
So - toe - ma - yore

Again. Otra vez.

Sotomayor. Another door opens...


teachin' said...

I first heard about it on NPR so I felt like I had the pronunciation down (because I've been saying it the way you phoneticized it) well before I had any idea how to spell it. But now I think I have both! And I'm super excited about her.

John Spencer said...

I also heard about it early in the day on NPR. When I explained it to my students, they were ecstatic. First, there was a hope that maybe she'll defend the cause of the immigrants. Second, there was the notion of another woman and a Latina, which gave students hope that maybe we'll have a Latina president some day. Third, it gave many of my students hope, because so much of her story resonated with their own.