Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Change we can believe in...

I'm hopeful.
Obama makes me listen, and I'm paying attention like never before. He has managed to remain himself in this process, takes the hits and forges ahead.
On the other hand, Hillary the "shape-shifter" (so appropriately named by one of my faves on CNN) flashes her fake smile, waves a hand in time with the music, and turns me off with her false "sincere" words. Uggghhhh.

On another note, its amusing to see Donna Brazile on CNN after having met her in person. Once you meet someone "famous", they do seem so much more real somehow, I guess. Cracks me up when she calls Lou Dobbs her "boo". Still waiting to see who she will endorse.

Honk if you love CNN!

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Mr. Magoo... said...

Definitivamente, creo que Obama es nuestra mejor opcion, ojala y esto acabe pronto, pues entre mas tiempo pasa, mas se puede deteriorar la imagen de cualquiera que sea el ganador.
Disculpa que no te conteste en ingles.