Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some "Brazen" self-promotion

This Brazen Teacher has paid me an awesome compliment! Do visit her blog and find out why I'm smiling.

Brazen is an art teacher with an attitude. She writes a thoughtful and humorous blog about school, teachers, kids, and life. You can tell she has faith in her craft and in the kids she teaches, regardless of how confining a place called "school" can be. What I like most about her blog though, is that she asks tough questions of both the reader and herself. I imagine Brazen, sticking out her chin, head tilted to one side, asking "But why? Why does it have to be like that?"

Brazen asked me some questions and posted them on her site. She made me remember a student from a long time ago, and she had me thinking about why I do what I do. Read the interview and check out the rest of her blog at http://thisbrazenteacher.blogspot.com.

And thanks Brazen, for the validation, support, and for reminding me why Oil of Olay is my best friend!


This Brazen Teacher said...

lol. Thanks so much! I'm going to CVS today and buying some Oil of Olay.

Jennifer said...

I followed the link -- it's a great interview!

Mike Foster said...

validation and support if a good thing!