Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Torture Chamber

I apologize to my loyal readers for not posting regularly in the past couple of weeks. I've been doing mean things to kids, all in the name of TESTING.

Here is a violent run-down of what's been keeping me occupied:
  1. Squeezing in more math skills
  2. Cramming in more writing
  3. Force-feeding hideously long reading passages to "practice" comprehension
  4. Killing the love of writing because they are making me teach formulaic strategies for responding to writing prompts
  5. Hanging up signs, posters, and other "nice-looking" items on every available blank space, because an important person will be visiting next week
  6. Slapping up extra vocabulary words on my Word Wall because K and X "are empty" and a few of the other letters don't have "enough"

I'm sorry kids, but they make me do it.

The mistreatment is self-inflicted as well. I've confined myself to my dark, damp basement to grade papers, do report cards, and write lesson plans. Meanwhile, it's 88 and gorgeous outside.

Our state test is scheduled to begin on May 4th. Until then, and until it's over, more gritting of teeth and relentless stress.

Can't wait to take back my classroom. Can't wait to read and write real stories and poems together. Can't wait for exciting math projects. Looking forward to returning to the kind of teaching and learning that actually means something.

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TeacherDee said...

I hear you on this one. One good thing, however, is that you test in May. We have our writing test in January and our CRTs in March. Try cramming your entire math curriculum into three quarters of the year. It's frustrating.