Monday, April 21, 2008

Pointing fingers

The kids from DR and Mexico were in for it
they didn’t know how cold it would get
their lips were soon outlined in chapped red
and cracked when they tried to utter sounds and syllables
it was all I could do to make it as painless as possible
giving cariño as needed.

The girls from Honduras and Cuba resented me
as I added and added yet more
to their confusion.
The boys from Peru and PR shut down,
it was all too much.
Get ready! Prepare!
Learn more! Learn fast!
I at least had coffee and painkillers.

The room turned in to a prison
despite vivid posters, artwork,
and motivational slogans.
I was made the deliverer
of wasteful activities
timed and torturous
the rubric-enforcer
and score-keeper.

The papers still say the children of mi gente
are in trouble, apathetic,
destined to fail.
The public is pointing a finger at me?
I point it back.
You will see.

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