Sunday, April 27, 2008


Good times
like the one when we all headed to NYC
in a huge-ass limo
at papi’s expense
money he didn’t care about spending
“as long as we’re all together.”
An expensive but so-so dinner
got better when someone dared someone to eat the fish eyes.
Being together is a good excuse
to get loaded and silly
several martinis, shared cigarettes
loud music, laughter
group trips to the ladies room
indescribable feelings
walking the crowded streets
with the family.
Mesmerized by holiday lights, crowds, cold
and stunned by knowing
because you never know
it could be one of the last times.
We all fell in love with each other again
memorized faces and gestures
and held on tight to each other
as we pushed our little party
down the streets of the city.

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