Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rocking out with José

My dad took us out last night to see José Feliciano. What a show! José sang old and new hits, among them his awesome rendition of the Beatles’ In My Life, his own Porque te tengo que olvidar, his ever-popular Doors' hit Light My Fire, and the one that makes my heart ache, Chico and the Man. My husband got the chills when José sang Elvis’ Suspicious Minds.

I’m used to singing out loud and dancing through concerts, but last night the crowd was made up of older, low-key folks, in other words viejitos. People stayed put in their seats. But I felt myself chair-dancing, I couldn’t help it. Especially when José played his version of Clapton’s Lay Down Sally, and Sergio Mendez’ signature song Mais que nada. I was totally feeling the music. I wanted to get up and DANCE!

My son was mesmerized by the effortless way José’s fingers traveled up and down the guitar, creating the most soul-filled melodies. The artist told jokes and shared short stories between songs, about growing up in New York, about friends and family, and memories of his teachers. Even at this time in his life, when he has enjoyed success and basks in the love of his fans around the world, José spoke of his teachers. That meant the world to me.

Toward the end of the evening, José played a deeply-felt Drummer Boy… reminding me (the doubter, the questioner) about humility. It’s etched in my mind, nudging me to adjust my attitude. I wish you could have heard it.

José closed the show with Feliz Navidad, one of the most popular holiday songs in the United States, and the #1 downloaded Latino song on iTunes. Everyone in the house was clapping and singing along in Spanish, and for me, the world was just about perfect.

Gracias papi – por el hermoso regalo.


Laura-Whateverebay said...

OMG... What a treat! My kids love this song. I grew up with the tunes of Jose Feliciano, and I recall wondering how he could possibly play. A few years later, I took piano lessons and knew. The music is in your soul and they navigate the strings (keys).

Happy Holidays!!!

Mr. Magoo... said...

Cassy, creo que fue el mejor regalo que uno puede recibir, fue excelente, y la manera en que lo transmites en estas letras, en el idioma que sea, se sienten, se palpan, y llegan, y llevan el mensaje. Gracias por compartir estos momentos con tus lectores.

Como estan de nieve? veo las noticias y solo me lo imagino, espero que este bien sin llegar a lo caotico todavia.

Quiero desearte lo mejor de lo mejor en estas fiestas y que el anio nuevo te traiga mas dicha, mas retos, mas logros y mas satisfacciones, y mas oportunidades para que sigas dando ese regalo que una persona puede recibir: los consejos de un maestro de verdad.

Un abrazo sincero y fuerte...

Stella said...

Oh!!! eso si que es un regalo unico, original e inolvidable! espero q lo hayas disfrutado el 100%! un abrazo navideno para ti!