Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Learned in 2008 Part II - Technology Wreaks Havoc

So, this Christmas, my husband gave me a portable hard drive with 250 GB (I understand that is a lot!) so that I could move files over and free up space on my lap-top. My plan was to move all of my photos, music files, and school folders to the external drive, virtually "housekeeping" and barely lifting a finger.

It was supposed to be a piece of cake.

The fun started when I tried to liberate the 5" x 3" contraption from its heavy-duty plastic, cutting my hand in the process. Then, as the product indicated it was "plug and play" and no instructions were included, I proceeded to connect the USB to my laptop and started moving photos and then iTunes to the new drive. Pretty easy. Cool.

Then, I went to my iTunes player... and everything was GONE. I went to my new drive, and found the songs in all sorts of folders, and when I tried to play them, they would play in another player, not the iTunes player. Oh no. Then, I went to my documents, and discovered more pandemonium. Things had shifted from here to there, files had replicated themselves. Music and lesson plans and poems and tests and gadgets and journals were all mixed together. Stuff was NOT where it was supposed to be!

And while I was working hard at restoring files and returning things to where they should be, my computer froze up. I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, returned to what I was doing, and then it happened again! I restarted, got back to work, and it happened AGAIN!

I discovered later there were some updates that had to install, and that there was a specific way to move certain types of files over to the external hard drive. I think everything is back in order now. I hope.

OK. So there is plenty more that I have to learn. But these tech-troubles really flustered me today. While technology has made me more productive and efficient, it's also caused me frustration.

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Mr. Magoo... said...

Ya me imagino, y eso que yo trabajo en tecnologia, pero en veces me vuelven loco, y siempre son inevitables los famosos "bugs" de microsoft, no se que tan comun sea esto con Mac.

Has aprendido bastante, y has utilizado bastante la tecnologia. Yo no me esperaba siquiera grabar mi voz y subirla en algun formato, ahora ya llevo 26 podcasts, y asi es este rollo de la tecnologia.

Espero que la tecnologia te siga dando muchas mas satisfacciones que dolores de cabeza para este 2009.
Un abrazo.