Saturday, December 20, 2008

Waiting by the window

The snow day was not meant to be. When I gathered the students in the morning, I asked "So, which one of you forgot to wear their pajamas inside out?"

Someone forgot to, I'm sure.

The storm didn't start until around 10 or so, when we were in the middle of math. The class was figuring out how to outfit 89 elves with new hats, coats, belts, pants, and boots, a multiplication and working-with-a-budget lesson. I looked up, and being a big kid myself, I announced "Hey! It's snowing!" and succeeded in distracting everyone for the rest of the lesson. It was my fault.

But we all went to the windows and looked out. It was beautiful. The kids were quiet, peaceful, taking in the view. I stood back, and took in the scene of my kids marveling at nature.

The school then took on a different feel, as it does during the holidays or when it snows. Parents started to stream in to pick up their children, phones began to ring, lessons were brought to closure a little sooner, with the promise of an arts & crafts activity. Some holiday music in the background, a handful of pretzels on every child's desk, glue and glitter... everyone was content.

It snowed all day, quite heavy at times, and we all went home at 3:00.

So, I love my kids and what I do every day. Teaching is my life. But I still want to know one thing:

What's the forecast for next week?

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Laura-Whateverebay said...

That is lovely! We had our first Snow storm here in Vegas. Its was amazing. Just as you described. However, the scene took place in my home, family room front window. The snow seem to invite us to the spirit of the holidays and if you listen closely you could hear carolers.

Happy Holiday - Feliz Navidad!