Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Encontrando espacio - Finding space

Estoy peleando con las cajas. Estoy rodeada de cajas llenas de libros y no tengo suficiente espacio para ponerlos todos. Esto me frustra demasiado. Pero, insisto en sacarlos porque no puedo vivir pensando que algunos se queden empaquetados. Me gusta poder verlos.

Poco a poco los voy acomodando. Yá organizé mis materiales de educación y mis recursos de enseñanza. En una parte de esta pequeña oficina pondré todos mis autores hispanos, temas latinos, y libros en español. En otro lado estará mi colección de literatura asiática – hace años que me fascinan las novelas indias y chinas. Luego, guardaré mis libros de escritura y poesía.

No puedo trabajar rápido, pues me distraigo mucho hojeándolos. Los estoy descubriendo como amigos viejos. Hay varios que todavía no he leído, y me encuentro construyendo una torre de libros “por leer” – está que se va caer. Seguro que, al terminar de acomodar todo, lo voy a hacer de nuevo, cambiando estos para esos, y este montón con ése.

Mi escritorio está un desastre. Tengo aquí una barbaridad de papeles, fotos, revistas, y todo tipo de COSAS con las cuales no se qué hacer. Apenas pude acomodar mi ordenador portátil para poder escribir un rato. Ni modo. Todo se arreglará poco a poco. Además, siempre he gozado de organizar mi espacio. Me encanta colocar las cosas de tal manera para estar a gusto. Es mi oficina, mi lugar, mi rincón.

I’m fighting the boxes. I’m surrounded by boxes full of books and I don’t have enough space for all of them. This frustrates me incredibly. But I insist in taking everything out as I can’t bear to think of them being all packed up. I like to be able to see them all.

I arrange them little by little. I’ve already organized my education materials and teaching resources. In one area of this small office I’ll place my Hispanic authors, Latino topics, and Spanish books. In another section of shelf I’ll place my collection of Asian literature – it’s been years that I’ve been fascinated by Indian and Chinese novels. Later, I’ll shelve my writing and poetry books.

I can’t work quickly because I get distracted as I leaf through them. I rediscover them like old friends. There are more than several I haven’t read yet, and I find myself creating a “to be read” tower – it’s about to topple over. I’m sure that, when I finish shelving everything, I’ll end up redoing it, changing these for those, and this pile to that one over there.

My desk is a disaster. I have a mess of papers, photos, magazines, and all kinds of STUFF I don’t know what to do with. I was barely able to find a spot for my lap-top so I could write for a while. Oh well. It will all get done little by little. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed organizing my space. I love placing things just so, the way I like them. It’s my office, my place, my corner.


Justin said...

Very nice prose. I like that you wrote it in Spanish too. There is nothing like having your space just the way you like it. You must be single - My wife always comes in and moves my stuff around :) That is frustrating.


Cassy said...

Thanks Justin! Actually, I'm married. We both have our own "spaces" in the house, and we don't mess with eachtother's stuff.

TeacherDee said...

I'm moving into a new classroom this summer. I love finding new places for all of my stuff.

Christina said...

When we last moved, I was very pregnant, so we hired movers to pack our stuff. It goes so much quicker when you don't pick every single thing up and reminisce about it! :-)

That said, I really like having my stuff in its proper place... Now if I could get the rest of the people in my family to figure that out! :-)