Monday, July 7, 2008

This seat is taken...

Sitting alone is difficult in a crowded room.
There are so many people, milling around,
chatting, laughing,
filling in rows and rows of chairs.
The chair next to her remains empty.
She’d like to be with some of these people
but prefers to be alone, and watch.
Envying the girls who stick together, the ones who save each other seats,
and gossip during boring meetings,
she sees that there is really no one like her
so she accepts being alone.
Listening, paying attention, observing
thinking some people seem pretty stupid
she can’t deal with the mediocrity
but swears it’s not a case of feeling superior.
In fact, she often feels less than them.
She listens intently to the speaker,
aware she is the only one who does.
Some people around her seem not to understand.
She knows they’re not trying.
They are slackers,
they don’t know what is happening out there,
and don’t care.
Their worries are new shoes and designer bags,
the latest sales and shopping,
more trinkets, gadgets, and appliances to fill their empty hands and homes.

She thinks about children,
considers an impossible task she wants to tackle,
analyzes a problem needing to be resolved.
She wonders how her people will make it through,
how her country will persevere.
She ponders the meanings of words.
She watches the others around her, their behaviors,
the acts they put on, the attitudes they wear.
Brain-dead conversations, selfish outlooks,
empty souls…
she places her bag on the empty chair next to her,
and appreciates the space.


This Brazen Teacher said...

Lovely. I appreciate your sentiments... and can wholeheartedly relate.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wonderful piece of poetry about a person who loves to be alone and who takes life very seriously. There is an advantage of being alone since one can see and observe everything without any point of interruption. Thanks for the wonderful poem. God bless.

Lisa said...

Hey chica!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for subscribing. I subscribed to your blog too ;)

Have fun watching the Love Boat...=)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your poem, very powerful! I agree with many of your feelings and ideas and like the energy put into them. Please check out my blog, "Addicted to Happiness". I think you would like it. I am always glad to connect with like-minded people.

Sally Huss
“Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.”



This woman you describe sounds eerily familiar to me. We are small in number but we exist. While some people struggle with loneliness and the need to "blend in," there are others who chose to stand alone, observe and take it all in humbly and without pretense. We are not smarter or better, perhaps, but we are different and we recognize it. In the end we cherish the comfort in our own thoughts and feelings, accept our own imperfections and needs and move on with understanding and appreciation. Looking does not mean we see; listening does not mean we hear. That chair, that space does not "need" filling, for it is already full.

Excellent post! Thank you for sharing.