Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Four more days

I am totally inundated. I still have 4th marking period assessments to correct, data sheets to complete, recommendations to write up, standardized test scores to examine and save to a spreadsheet, and cumulative folders to check and sign off on. All of this has to be done by Friday.

Report cards are due to the office on Friday as well.

Not fair. Two of my preps have already been taken from me this week! One was this morning, when I had to meet with the Child Study Team regarding one of my students. My grade level team had to meet yesterday morning with the principal to discuss the STATE TEST SCORES, which left us all somewhat stressed out. And tomorrow, during my prep, a representative from the new science program will be at school to give us a walk-through of the new materials.

For those who don't work in schools, a "prep" is a daily work period, allocated by contract to a teacher. The prep is used for lesson planning, marking papers, making copies, contacting and meeting with parents, record-keeping, grade-level articulation, and acquiring materials for class. You get to use the ladies room too!

Of course, this daily period (in my case, 45 minutes) is neither enough nor realistic. I end up working through my lunch, and bringing home a very, heavy bag, filled with paperwork. It's my life as a teacher. This 15-minute "break" I just spent posting tonight is my small "me-time" and a way of letting folks out there know that, for many of us, the last days of school are very trying. And the days that come after, are very well-deserved.

Back to work I go - caramba!

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