Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paperwork and kites

I feel as if though I’ve been hit by a truck. Everything aches, but I’m not sick (at least I don’t think I’m sick.) I am incredibly tired and my feet hurt. When I get home after school I just want to sit and do nothing. I am drained and I am not being the mom I should be. I’m blessed to have a spouse who more than helps out. In fact, he does most of the mom stuff while I do SCHOOL WORK!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the last month of school folks! And instead of winding down, we are building up to a frenzied last few weeks of crazy schedules, assemblies, end-of-year testing, class projects, a class trip, field day, and PAPERWORK, PAPERWORK, PAPERWORK! It’s an exhausting time of year, though many folks tend to think a teacher’s life is easy. Well, you don’t even know…

I love teaching. It’s the most fulfilling and intense work you could ever hope to do. BUT, the bosses ask for more and more each day. Everything is due at the same time. They expect us to keep teaching until the last day, although they ask for forms, data, results, reports, lists – and they want everything right away! When are we supposed to do all of this?

On a positive note, my students presented the results of two projects today. One was based on KITES, the other on BODY LANGUAGE. I was very pleased with most of their work, especially the poetry-writing portions. My students, who came to me in September with poor writing skills and very little English, have come a long way. I get choked up…

“The First Time I Saw a Kite” by Bryann

I saw something
all up in the air
in the clouds.
It covered the sun,
little pigeons followed it.
It flew in the air around the trees.
I was amazed.
I thought it was an eagle
I thought it was trying to
say something to me
like “Come fly with me”.
I wished to go up in the sky
and fly
with my friend.

OK. Now I feel better. If only all I had to do was teach...


TeacherDee said...

I feel your pain! I was in bed before my two and four-year olds last night! Thank God for Hubby. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. GLAD stands for Guided Language Acquisition Design. There is a lot of training involved but it is really good stuff...especially for your ELLs. Their website is Maybe I'll post about it on my blog sometime (but not tonight because I'm crosseyed-tired.) One more day to go...

TeacherDee said...
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B.B. said...

I can't believe you have so much school left. Most schools were done last week! Good luck. Thank you for visiting my blog btw.

Sun said...

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