Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sudando la gota gorda

It’s the beginning of a heat wave in Jersey. I dread it. I hate feeling warm. I hate sweating even more. I’m making mental note of items in my closet that will allow me to be comfortable and look half way decent at work.

My sister (who knows me well) assured me the air is up and working, so no worries when we go to her house this afternoon for my nephew’s b-day. (Because if I know I will be required to sit on someone’s deck in the humidity, getting sucked on by mosquitoes, with that horrible trickle of sweat running down by back… I’ll think up ANY excuse not to go. ) My mom and dad just had central-air installed last year. (How did they live without it?) Prior to that, I avoided their home the entire summer. And my husband has scored mega points today for getting up early to install two window units in the house. (He knows me even better – I am the biggest bitch when it’s hot and muggy.)

I’m sooooooo thankful my school is air-conditioned. So it’s not so bad, as long as we don’t have a fire drill and have to bolt out of the building, down the street, and stand in the heat until someone remembers to call us back in. Of course, the kids are sent outside for recess. They come back in afterwards all cranky, smelly, and red-faced.

I must say, I was quite proud of myself yesterday at school. It was Field Day, 85, and muggy. I wore my staff shirt, capris, sneakers (YES, we were allowed on this day to wear them!) and I was OK as long as the kids didn’t beg me to play a game. When I got moving a bit though, I felt the sweat starting at the back of my neck. By the end of the day, my long brown hair was a damp, frizzy mess. But the kids loved seeing their maestra acting like a kid.

Come to think of it, it was fun. Sweaty, but fun.


Merydith said...

Hi Cassy, thanks for stopping by. They always sing together and sometimes go on a contest together. My sis beat my Dad so many times already. They do it for fun. My Dad is coming over in the US at the end of summer and I am sure she will miss him so much.


I miss teaching. I taught history briefly. It was so hot yesterday here too. We had a tornado that passed a little south of us and it is not a pretty sight. Trees and electric pole all over the place. I am glad we are alright. You take care :o)

Pearmama said...

One of the major reasons why I bought my house was because of the real wood floors and the central a/c. Like you, I am a total biatch when it's hot out. It's not that humid out here, but the whether can get as high as 113 in August. Those days, I don't go outside for anything. I really hate it. I get all grouchy just thinking about it!